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Wedding Flowers

NJ Bride's Bouquet for weddingYour wedding day is one of the most cherished and important moments of your life. Alan’s Rumson Florist wants to be there to help make the vision in your mind flourish on your very special day. You have imagined how magnificent and romantic it will be from as far back as you can remember, and have cultivated a perfect vision based on the unique style and personality of you and your beloved. Our goal at Alan’s Rumson Florist is to take your vision of your special day and infuse it with care into our unique and custom floral arrangements.

From picking the flowers for the boutonniere to the style and arrangement of the bride’s bouquet, each piece of the wedding floral design is carefully considered to make sure it represents the unique vision you have for your wedding day. Whether it is the table centerpiece, brides maid’s bouquet or corsage, we pay special attention to detail as we carefully hand craft each piece of your design during the production process. As we learn more about you, from initial consultation through the planning process, we infuse your unique taste and sense of style into every detail of our design for your wedding.
We will arrive at the location of the ceremony to personally set up and place all of your wedding flowers, and will be on hand to make sure everything stays perfect. Whether you want your hoopa to be adorned with flowers or the church to have pew bows and flowers, we will make sure they are fresh and look impeccable. The wedding reception flowers are delievered with an equal amount of care. The table centerpieces and guest book arrangements will be set up in a timely manner and we will confirm that everything looks exquisite before your guests arrive. After expressing your wedding day dreams and wishes through our floral design, and bringing that vision to life with the fresh flowers, we can help save your memories using our wedding flower preservation technique. Let Alan’s Rumson Florist preserve your flowers utilizing our freeze drying process.

New Jersey Wedding Flower Design