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Martha’s Bio

Martha is a native of Northern California who grew up on a ranch that has been in her family for over five generations. Despite growing up in a ranch lifestyle, Martha’s parents instilled in her an appreciation for music and art. Surprising to no one, Martha developed a love of dance at a very young age which led her, at eighteen years old, to move to New York City and begin a career as a professional dancer. After many great years of dancing and traveling the world, age and injury began to take its toll on Martha and she came to the sad realization that it was time for her to retire. Relying upon her passion for the arts and her desire to be creative, Martha chose her encore career- floral design.
Martha approached floral design with the same ideology that drove her successful dance career; she pursued the best teachers at the best school she could find. After graduating from Parsons School of Design in NYC, Martha worked briefly teaching floral design in NYC and then began designing for one of New York’s many five star hotels. Although Martha enjoyed working on the large scale designs that are typical in large luxury hotels, she quickly realized working in a boutique setting would offer her a more creative, diverse and challenging work environment. She has been working with Alan ever since. Although Martha has been offered many opportunities over the years she remains loyal to Alan:
“ I have found no one else beside Alan who works with the same understandings I have regarding quality, ethics, creative thinking and customer focused design… at the end of the day no prestigious job title can replace making a bride’s wedding day better than she could imagine (or) replace the honor felt when a floral tribute has spoken the words only flowers can say…. I never know what my day will bring when I arrive at work; but what I do know is that when I leave that night I will have designed something that made a small difference in someone’s life. …for that I am truly thankful.”
Martha’s passion for design continues to grow. She travels to Paris and Holland to attend formal classes and to inspire new ideas. Martha has a keen eye for developing trends and experiments constantly to incorporate new ideas while keeping traditional good taste in mind. Most recently Martha has developed another passion; becoming an advocate for boutique floral designers everywhere. Martha original research regarding the effects of globalization on the floral industry was invited to be presented at the National Applied Anthropology conference in New Mexico 2009.