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Alan’s Bio

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Alan Spina helps decorate the giant Cunard float at the Tournament of Roses

Alan Spina is a native of Edison, New Jersey. Alan grew up in a tightly knit Italian family and was very lucky to live close, to not only his grandparents but his great- grandparents as well. Upon graduating from high school and working for his father at General Motors for a few years, Alan decided to test his wings by opening his own business. One of the many family members who influenced Alan as a young boy were Alan’s aunt and uncle who owned a successful flower shop near Boston. Alan saw the excitement that always seemed to surround his aunt and uncle’s business and decided he too would like to own his own flower shop. Upon hearing of Alan’s intentions his family strongly warned Alan about the foolish decision they felt he was making. Alan’s aunt and uncle warned him of the long hours of physically challenging work that would leave him with little time for his family or friends. They reminded him that, unlike his job with General Motors where he had benefits and earned over time and holiday pay, as a business owner these would be lost to him; the finer things in life he had become used to would be hard for him to afford. Against the warnings of his family, Alan at 26 years of age bought Spiwak’s florist in 1987.

Even though Alan’s aunt and uncle were adamant about their warnings to Alan, once he bought his shop they stood behind him helping him along the way. Among the many floral designers Alan was influenced by in his early years of his craft, Alan’s aunt and uncle always stand out as his strongest mentors by teaching him the “old school” way of doing things. Long before there were glue guns and self adhesives Alan learned his craft from those who remember when everywoman wore an Easter corsage and a funeral was not a funeral without a room full of flowers. Alan’s understanding of classical design ideas is instrumental in the success of his everyday work. His attention to making sure his designs look just as beautiful days after they are delivered has made Alan known as a florist in his community that you can count on to do the job right! Alan’s great knowledge of plant foliage, mechanics and engineering has made him very successful on the large scale design market as well. Over the years Alan has been hired by many large shopping malls and corporate buildings to adorn their businesses with fresh floral pieces that relate the feeling of the businesses while staying within a budget.

Over his 25 years in business Alan realizes why is aunt and uncle discouraged him in his desire to own his own flower shop. It was just like they told him- a hard job, long hours and he has little time for social life. Even so, Alan is happy about the choice he made to buy his shop. “At the end of the day, I know something I made (that day) helped someone celebrate, grieve or know they are loved. That’s pretty cool…except for my son… I forbid him to be a florist”