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Alan’s Rumson Florist is located in a vintage greenhouse which was once part of a large snapdragon farm. This snapdragon farm was owned and operated by the Spiwak family for many generations.  It is said that the Spiwaks grew some of the best snapdragons in the country which yielded outstanding prices at the New York Flower Market.  Unfortunately, over time the importation of flowers from different countries made it difficult for the Spiwaks to compete in their local market.  Like most farmers, the value of their land became more valuable than their crops.  The Spiwak family sold off their property little by little until all that was left was one greenhouse ,which they turned the front of into a flower shop, and  a little brick house right next door which was the family home.

Upon his retirement from the floral industry in 1987, Ralph Spiwak sold what was left of his family farm to Alan.  The little brick home next door was sold to a hair salon a few years before.  Although the home has changed owners many times, the little brick building has remained a hair salon ever since. Other than the greenhouse and the little brick house, almost everything else about the old snapdragon farm has changed.  Large homes and businesses now surround the old greenhouse and it is hard to imagine that a flower farm was once ever even there.

Every now and then a person will come into the flower shop and mention they remember the Spiwak family.  These people invariably mention how much the place still looks the same.  They look at the scratches on every door and recall a favorite flower shop pet, of buying corsages for their prom dates and remember a time in their lives when the world seemed less complicated. The most popular thing most people mention is how, as children, they once threw rocks at the greenhouse.  It seems to have been a rite of passage for all children in Rumson to break some of the glass on the old greenhouse.  Thankfully, this practice is not as in vogue as it once was.  Perhaps vintage greenhouses are so unusual in this day and age seeing one now evokes interest more than mischief.