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Pretty in Purple (with pink)

Last weekend Alan and I had the opportunity to design the flowers for a special, lovely and self-aware bride.  This bride knew herself and her style well.  Things she liked or didn’t were easy for her to discern so quickly that it was almost like working with a fellow floral designer.

Another thing that stood out to us with this bride is how much she valued her family. In an age where people rarely live in one place for very long, it was delightful to see a bride who never had to show up to an appointment without the support of one of her family members.  Being a bride is hard work; it was wonderful to see how much this bride’sNJ Wedding Bouquetfamily loved her.

Because the choices made for this wedding were so specific and exacting we took extra care to make sure we delivered  precisely what we were asked to. We measured heights of centerpiece samples, counted flowers, took photos and triple checking color swatches all in an effort  to ensure all of the wedding flowers looked exactly how the bride envisioned them to be on her wedding day.

Meeting the bridal party at the hotel before the wedding ceremony this last Saturday was a delight. There are no better moments in my career than the ones where I meet a bride with her wedding bouquets and I have made her dreams a reality.( I imagine it must feel a bit like a doctor handing a baby to it’s mother for the first time.)  It was magical.

Kristen in LimoGlad to have made the bride happy I noticed I was lucky to have arrived to find the bridesmaids dressed and ready to go.  They were gorgeous and I was so thankful they they let me take some pictures of them.

After visiting the church to deliver and pin on the groom and his groomsmen’s boutonnières, I waited on a bench in front of the church to see if I might be able to see the bride. Being a floral designer means I often don’t get to see my brides all dressed in all of the wonderful things we both  have have planned all year for.  Sadly, by the time most of my  brides are ready to walk down the aisle as I am often needed somewhere else.  This day was no exception.  I did not have much time to wait as I was scheduled to meet with another bride back at the shop who lived far away; today was the only day I would be able to meet and see her before her wedding in September.NJ Wedding

It was my lucky day!  I got to see the bride!  She was breathtakingly    beautiful!  I tried my best to get some photos while also remaining politely in the background.  The bride’s limo driver saw my efforts and took me right up to the limo window and let me take pictures.  I felt like paparazzi

A fun addition to this day is my bride back at the shop heard I was up the street trying  to see my  bride de’ jour and she joined me at the church!  How fun is that?

It was one of the best days, ever! I tried to stop and enjoy it all that I could. … I felt so lucky that day that I bought a lottery ticket on my way home!!

Here’s to your happily ever after Kristin and Ken!

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