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Rainbow Roses

“Wow! ” is all you hear when you are in the same room as these unique roses.  From Holland, and available only  just  these last few years or so, are these these colorful and unusual long stemmed roses.
Yes, they ARE real but they have a secret.  The brilliant color of these roses is achieved by injecting white Vanda roses with dye.  Rainbow RosesUsing  syringes, colored solution is injected into each rose petal to achieve the brilliant rainbow, tie-dyed affect of this flower.  This process is very time consuming therefore making these roses extremely expensive and requiring special ordering and delivery from Holland.

Here are some images of a few of my experiences with these roses. Tulips are also available with the rainbow effect but I personally have never worked
with them.  Rainbow roses and tulips are not right for every occasion but when they are right , they are PERFECT!  Worth every penny for the excitement andwonder they bring to any occasion.

Rainbow Roses

More Rainbow Roses

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