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Sentimental Peacock

Last Spring Alan and I got to be involved in the courtship, engagement and wedding of two of our local residents.  From the very beginning we were told ” she LOVES purple” and every floral arrangement we sent was always purple in some way shape of  form.  When the couple finally decided to get married they came to us to do the flowers. The bride had saved all of her favorite elements from previous
Sentimental Peacock bouquets we had made for her.  Her two favorite were, a lavender satin ribbon off the very first flowers she
ever received from her fiance and 3 peacock feathers.  She asked that these sentimental items be incorporated into her bridal bouquet…..  oh, and of course…the bouquet should be purple. Not red purple, not pink purple not lavender purple…purple.  As you can imagine I was a little stressed about getting the color right for her.

It took visiting every flower wholesaler in NYC but we were able to find enough of the “right” purple flowers for her bouquet and the rest of her wedding.  It was hard work but so worth it as this couple was so much in love and flowers were important to them.  It is rare to meet people who feel about flowers as I do alone, but to also  be around for an entire courtship and  the wedding of flower lovers…. remarkable.

Flowers are a wonderful thing but it is the sentiment behind them that makes them so meaningful.  This couple knew Bride's Maid Bouquetthis and it showed in every aspect of their magical first days together right to their gorgeous, elegant and heartfelt wedding ceremony and reception.  Sitting up at night making flowers out of dress remnants for the bridal party bouquets and all the  shopping for perfect crystals and flowers were a privilege for me.  THIS is why I wanted to be a floral designer to begin with. Because of this I remember this couple and the “right” color purple often and with fondness.

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